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Home Recording 

Are ready to setup your home studio? If so, here is some great advice. This is an ebook I wrote, The Layman's Guide To Home Recording, to help get you started on the right foot. This information can apply to a music or voice over studio.

The Early years  

While borrowing my friend's guitar I practised daily. Listening to great songs and learning chords while playing along. I had an ear for it and picked it up easily. A few of my friends used to come over and jam down in the basement. I know now I have the best Mom in the world to allow all of us to play while she was upstairs. As we progressed, we put a cover band together called Dizorder. You can find a couple of videos on Google+. We covered 80's rock and auditioned for local clubs. The first gig I ever played was at The Key West Club in London, Ontario.

Getting to know the Artist 

Hello, welcome to my blog. I am Ray C. Bergeron born in 1966 from London On. Canada. The youngest of one sister and four brothers. I grew up in a small home, sharing a room with my brother. Growing up I had to find my own space and music was always an outlet for me. Listening to great Bands like Led Zeppelin, Rush, Triumph, Deep Purple and April Wine. Guitar greats like Randy Rhoads, Rik Emmett and Frank Marino influenced me to pick up my first guitar. A good friend of mine loaned me his guitar when I was fifteen years old and I could not put it down.  


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