I have a professional quality home studio where I can record guitar, bass, vocal and drum tracks for your song project. I will provide you with the track files required to blend into your project perfectly.

I am also a great lyric writer If you need some fine tuning of your lyrics.

My rate is $40.00 / Hr.

If you can provide a simple chord chart or a sound file of what your project consist of it would really help make the overall process go much smoother.

For this price you get great sounding guitar, bass, vocal or drum tracks recorded with top quality instruments and sound equipment. The drum tracks are arranged through a top quality drum software as I do not play drums. I can except payment by PayPal or credit card.

I am also interested in providing music for commercials, movies and video games, as well as co-writing projects.

Please leave your name, email, and a description of what type of song writing service you are interested in. I will reply to all submission as soon as possible. I will provide a quote for any services beyond what is listed above.